Tecnitex Installs the fire curtain system MFBI EI-180 of dimensions 12800 x 3200 in Shoping Center Ikea La Gavia Madrid.

Tecnitex has replaced a barrier installed in the shopping center Ikea La Gavia located in Madrid.

According to comments of the customer, “the system never worked properly”, it has a huge number of calculation and dimensions mistakes as you can see in the following photos:

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (3)

  • Rollers have various engines. It makes difficult the operating mechanism and the electronics due that to the power necessary had a mistake for a system with this dimensions.
  • Overlaps in the curtains that in case of air can be opened and could cause a fail in the barrier integrity.
  • The system was guided by a brackets (screws) causing hooks when the barriers was going down and therefore the fabric was ripped.
  • Counterweight was not beautiful according with the architecture.

For the replacement we used the system MFBI EI-180 with a classification “EI-180″ according to current normative with the followings solutions:

  • Updating system to the current normative being EI-180 in stead of E-240 (replaced system).
  • System without overlaps, made it with a unique piece and a unique control panel of speed and power.
  • Side guides formed by a vertical pipes that delete the rips when the curtains is going down and garantee the smoke and fire insulation.
  • Counterweight designed to be integrated with the system inside of it.
  • All the elements were painted in colour Ral 9016 to integrated with the system inside of the architectural ensemble.

IMG_4777 IMG_4784