New Irrigated Fire Curtain Test EI-120 Classification, valid for all installation position.

Tecnitex Fire Systems, in order to demonstrate the reliability of his systems and to solve the interferences in the different installation scenaries, has performed a new test of irrigated Fire Curtain model MFBI. In this occasion the system was placed inside the workspace hole, means tunnel type installation.

This type of installation is the ONLY ONE that validates according to prEN 15269-11 2013 version any fixation position in the final project without having to cover or protect the drawer and side guides.

Below is a graphic example and clarification of the installation possibilities depending on the type of fire test performed:

1. Tunnel type installation:

Pos1 Instalaccion

Possibilities of installation in final scenery:

Pos1 InstalaccionPos3 Instalaccion Pos2 Instalaccion

2. Container and side guides installation inside the oven:

Pos3 Instalaccion

Possibilities of installation in final scenery:

Pos3 Instalaccion Pos2 Instalaccion

3. Container and side guides installation outside the oven:

Pos2 Instalaccion

Possibilities of installation in final scenery:

Pos2 Instalaccion

Below we present the performed fire test.

This installation methodology has been applied to our MFBI EI-120 and MFB EW-60 systems.

Tecnitex Fire System based on its professional ethics offers its clients a COMPLETE advice on the regulations applicable to their products. We hopethat with this new entry we has been able to clarify certain doubts generated in the sector.

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Tecnitex Fire Systems supplies MSB DH-60 / DA-150 mobile smoke curtain systems in the new Istanbul airport.


One of the largest construction projects actually, will make that this airport after its inauguration beat all records, being the largest airport in the world to date. Located in the district of Arvanutköy, 50 km from the city center, it will operate at full capacity to 150 million passengers a year, with capacity for 500 airplanes and six runways. In total it will occupy more than one million square meters.

It is estimated that the project carried out by IGA constructions will cost ten million euros and the explotation companies will pay more than 22,000 million euros to the Turkish state to operate the airport for twenty five years.

According to forecasts and thanks to its geographical position that allows to stopover between Asia, America and Europe, the new airport will become one of the centers of international air transport in the 21st century, that will employ more than 100,000 people.



Tecnitex has participated in this project, providing mobile barriers model MSB DH-60 / DA-150 for the control of smoke in case of fire. It is an automatic system that remains concealed in its container box respecting the diaphanous space, without loosing the distribution of smoke deposits.


To facilitate the execution of the project, a standardized modular design of these systems has been made, allowing the parts to be interchangeable with each other.


The new production and design processes with CNC technology together with Solidworks 3d design software, have alowed us to manufacturing with minimum tolerances +/- 2mm, perform a product analysis applied to the geometric structure of the building performing stress calculations (statics analysis), using the finite element tool SolidWorks Simulation.

A total of 42 barriers of dimensions of 45,000 x 3,920 mm (length / height) have been supplied, adding more than 7,400 m2 of mobile curtains for smoke control, 340 motors and 42 control panels and automatisms.

With this project the Tecnitex team involved from the outset, under the premise of quality-production management endorsed by ISO 9001 and CE marking, that has ensured the success of the challenge posed, being the largest project that has done ,respecting Deadlines and eliminating deviations.