New Irrigated Fire Curtain Test EI-120 Classification, valid for all installation position.

Tecnitex Fire Systems, in order to demonstrate the reliability of his systems and to solve the interferences in the different installation scenaries, has performed a new test of irrigated Fire Curtain model MFBI. In this occasion the system was placed inside the workspace hole, means tunnel type installation.

This type of installation is the ONLY ONE that validates according to prEN 15269-11 2013 version any fixation position in the final project without having to cover or protect the drawer and side guides.

Below is a graphic example and clarification of the installation possibilities depending on the type of fire test performed:

1. Tunnel type installation:

Pos1 Instalaccion

Possibilities of installation in final scenery:

Pos1 InstalaccionPos3 Instalaccion Pos2 Instalaccion

2. Container and side guides installation inside the oven:

Pos3 Instalaccion

Possibilities of installation in final scenery:

Pos3 Instalaccion Pos2 Instalaccion

3. Container and side guides installation outside the oven:

Pos2 Instalaccion

Possibilities of installation in final scenery:

Pos2 Instalaccion

Below we present the performed fire test.

This installation methodology has been applied to our MFBI EI-120 and MFB EW-60 systems.

Tecnitex Fire System based on its professional ethics offers its clients a COMPLETE advice on the regulations applicable to their products. We hopethat with this new entry we has been able to clarify certain doubts generated in the sector.

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Tecnitex Installs the fire curtain system MFBI EI-180 of dimensions 12800 x 3200 in Shoping Center Ikea La Gavia Madrid.

Tecnitex has replaced a barrier installed in the shopping center Ikea La Gavia located in Madrid.

According to comments of the customer, “the system never worked properly”, it has a huge number of calculation and dimensions mistakes as you can see in the following photos:

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (3)

  • Rollers have various engines. It makes difficult the operating mechanism and the electronics due that to the power necessary had a mistake for a system with this dimensions.
  • Overlaps in the curtains that in case of air can be opened and could cause a fail in the barrier integrity.
  • The system was guided by a brackets (screws) causing hooks when the barriers was going down and therefore the fabric was ripped.
  • Counterweight was not beautiful according with the architecture.

For the replacement we used the system MFBI EI-180 with a classification “EI-180″ according to current normative with the followings solutions:

  • Updating system to the current normative being EI-180 in stead of E-240 (replaced system).
  • System without overlaps, made it with a unique piece and a unique control panel of speed and power.
  • Side guides formed by a vertical pipes that delete the rips when the curtains is going down and garantee the smoke and fire insulation.
  • Counterweight designed to be integrated with the system inside of it.
  • All the elements were painted in colour Ral 9016 to integrated with the system inside of the architectural ensemble.

IMG_4777 IMG_4784


Nuevo Producto Tecnitex MFB EW-60

Tecnitex Fire Systems ha ensayado su nuevo sistema cortafuego textil de baja radiacion Tecnitex MFB EW-60.


En esta ocasion hemos querido evaluar la resistencia, deformacion y reaccion al fuego del sistema completo instalandolo dentro del paso de luces del marco de ensayo, es decir con todos los elementos expuestos al fuego, esta condicion nos permite la instalaccion del sistema en diferentes posiciones, condicion imprescindible para poder instalar el cajon y las guias laterales sin proteccion.