Tecnitex – About us

Tecnitex is a company that designs and produces technical fabric solutions for smoke and fire sectoring.

Our team of professionals are experts in the design, manufacturing and management of these types of systems. Our firm’s work on different projects for several consultancies, factories and installation companies is proof thereof. Being specialists in the development of fire-protection applications, access control systems, and product test-trials, we are able to ensure the production of trustworthy, low-cost and innovative product ranges.

Thanks to our expertise in different fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, fabric manufacturing and telecommunications enabling us to continuously develop and establish new ideas for the control and management of our systems.

Our philosophy is based on four fundamental pillars:

  • Teamwork.  Teamwork is our organisational philosophy. Thanks to the commitment of our human resources team, our teamwork has resulted in increased performance and productivity.
  • LeadershipTo be a leader, you need to want to be one. At Tecnitex we work hard to fulfil the objectives and goals that we continuously set for our company.
  • Continuous improvements.  We work nonstop to perfect our processes and products based on the market’s evolving demands.
  • QualityWe are fully committed to our products quality, superiority and innovation; bearing the trust and satisfaction of our clients in mind.

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