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The services we provide

Tecnitex Fire Systems provide many fire protection solutions in the security sector; ensuring the adequate training for the system’s installation, use and maintenance.

We adapt and adjust our designs to our client’s projects. We find the most practical and best value solution for each and every case. Furthermore, we offer tailor-made products.
We have a well-established business structure which enables us to undertake large projects with short delivery periods. We have automated techniques and machinery that are specifically designed to produce our systems as well as a wide range of products with different finishes.
Our Technical department is at the full disposal of our clients in order to advise and increase knowledge on the use of our systems with regard to the current regulations, as well as provide training on the system’s installation, use and maintenance.

In Tecnitex at all times we ensure the satisfaction and trust of our customers, as they are the main asset of our company. We work to provide the best solutions in the field of fire safety to obtain the maximum quality, innovation and superiority of our products. In addition, we guarantee the excellence in design, manufacturing and training.

All staff at Tecnitex works together to meet the needs of each of our customers who are our main value. We are committed to the quality of our products and services, for this reason we follow a thorough and careful process in the design and production of our Systems Technical Textiles.

The design and manufacture of our solutions are not complete without the training service for our customers, because we feel it is our responsibility to offer advice from the very best professionals. We provide customers the expertise of our team in order to ensure proper training in areas such as installation, use and maintenance of security systems.